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tv   Headline News  RT  July 27, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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terrorist operation in sinai where extremists now allegedly joined by militant morsi supporters have been stepping up attacks on the military. people have been killed in clashes in egypt as the muslim brotherhood claimed supporters of the ousted president are being targeted body military with a shoot to kill policy. there's concern the diplomatic push syria could go down the drain now rebels shipments from. green to join to face meeting. germans are showing that. the n.s.a. spying program pulled towards whistleblowers edward snowden and bradley manning with demonstrations across the country and. in a few moments. just
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after eight pm as it is well first in this hour the egyptian army started a large scale anti-terrorist operation in the sinai peninsula bordering israel heavy weapons have been deployed to the area where extremist attacks on the military but increasingly frequent. pulis lier. what we do know is that the egyptian military has closed all interns those in and out of the sinai it's launched a forty eight hour operation to deal with a sudden increase in the number of islamist operating there the information that we have is that there have been violent clashes in the area of this way it not only centered there but also in areas like elisha and other villages in the surrounding
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area these clashes between the army and extremists that have been operating there for quite some time now let me remind you that the situation in sinai has been a really ever since the overthrow of the former egyptian president hosni mubarak and since then we've witnessed an increase in these kind of attacks these kind of violent acts happening in the sinai but we're hearing from the army as that there are at least five hundred extremist militants operating in an area of a square kilometers now the army says that they are heavily armed it says that they could use civilians in those areas as human shields and at the same time the army has deployed both its if force and on the ground troops who are heavily armed allegedly muslim brotherhood supporters are taking up arms and are going to the sinai where there are joining these islamist groups from the army we're hearing that they've been fired on that they have been attacked by these extremist elements more than sixty bedwyn tribes signed
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a memorandum that they support the egyptian army and that this is a support for the egyptian people they're trying to put some kind of order there but the situation is merely continuing to descend into chaos. or a middle east correspondent for more operations talk to terrorism middle east expert world for is joining us on the line or rather well that i mean who are these people the actual security forces and so on over. it is basically a mix of many many people only these were members of the jemaah islamiyah an offshoot of the muslim brotherhood years ago of the islamic jihad of egypt who who's head was chairman was as i were eerie the current head of al qaida but then with time specifically over the past two to three years many international jihadist have been joining them some coming from sudan from libya from other parts of the middle east also international ones from central asia and from chechnya but of course the numbers of the international ones it's very small the egyptian army now
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as far as we can see is waging an operation in northern sinai where the bulk of these forces have been operating against the military both the police and the soldiers of egypt with the ultimate day more of making sure that these forces that you have the forces won't have an enclave say the egyptian army there is not that had the most serious and continued few more months according to information from the egyptian army of course there would have been a declaration of an emirate of northern sinai it's online actually information is not made public and that would be the equivalent of waziristan for example in and pakistan or northern mali so the egyptian army first concern is to move sure that there will be no exclusive control by those terrorists and that of course they should i mean those that are going to be fighting a land war against terrorists in sinai and most likely also in mainland egypt yes it takes a looks question just how effectively can we deal with this threat as they see it. look the egyptian army is well trained it is an army that is that has experience of
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course not just been protesting but it was also involved in wars with israel but any army in the world even the superpowers united states or russia or others when it comes to direct confrontation with the question a regular force meaning the taliban force in afghanistan under scase as you have before the northern sinai the egyptian army will be able to dismantle the resistance but what the egyptian army would have to things like any other army in the world fighting terrorism is the long range get a lot of water and that's get in the water you cannot and it only with a point with military means you need other means as well is there another aspect to this i had trying to wipe out any potential political opponents brewing there oh they don't need they had thirty to thirty three million egyptians working on the streets of cairo if your opponent is basically the muslim brotherhood so the political battle is happening in cairo and major other cities and in this case amid
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a slight majority or a larger majority of egyptians have chosen the secular government instead of the brotherhood which remains a very strong opposition northern sinai is a different story it is really the hardest on forces who may or may not have a link to the most. intention was to create this enclave on the mediterranean in and around her laurie city of northern sinai but these people were headache for morsi government too he didn't manage to do with them very effectively to see and know he was not now the criticism of morsi is he could have ordered the same egyptian army to go and do the same operations a year and a half ago but he did not and the reason why you did not is that some of the is the right wing groups meaning the north salafi party have links to those. they come from the same background and we remember six months ago most the government sent a delegation to negotiate with those you hardest that was one of the criticism by the army and by the secular parties by far is thanks ever so much for thoughts thank you for having me me while egypt was in judah nights of deadly clashes
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between the military and supporters of the deposed president according to health ministry there are forty six casualties but muslim brotherhood activists say over one hundred have been killed more than a thousand have been injured they say their supporters were deliberately targeted was shots to the head and chest true reports from cairo. it was a very bloody night here in egypt as clashes erupted in many parts of the country and continue into saturday morning off to the summation wind trying to protest both in support and against the old city to mohamed morsi what eyewitnesses a saying although we haven't completely reports that protests it has attempted to extend the city and past the area that they had been staying in for the last few weeks toward security breach at this point security forces then attempted to push them back with t. gas bute hospital doctors are reporting people have died and there are a number of injured as well and what we're seeing now is apparently eyewitnesses
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saying that some people have been coming in with gunshot wounds although we can't confirm whether come by a voice nice as well as people having problems with take ash inhalation but it was very chaotic with the injured coming in every five minutes and ambulances people were on the back of motorcycles of bringing the wounded into the city and now this is also happened in other parts of the country there were violent clashes in the coastal city of alexandria between rival protest groups when supporters and opponents of the ousted leader met in the main running point also needing people dead and this is been very very bloody civilian on civilian clashes we have of course seen massive amounts of tanks here and the military joining the police in attacking people saying or attacking these citizens of course this comes off the announcement on friday mohamed morsi would be kept in detention following investigations into charges that he's been conspiring against the country with the
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palestinian organization hamas in addition to possibly being responsible for the deaths of the prison guards and offices when he broke out of prison during the eighteen the uprising in two thousand and eleven so this is a very serious serious allegation against the former president we could see him so jail time this of has of course if you. defiant. by his supporters and of course his islamist group that missed him by the hits he was saying this is a very much a politically driven charge and that this is part of a white a crackdown against the green by the military no side is backing down many people are dying the violence is continuing leading many to feed that this will only get worse and to morsi activist had to submit my bully believes the muslim brotherhood's exaggerating though the casualty figures to try to convince the foreign allies the need to help against the military what do you expect people who were in. the government and. all the egyptian people did not accept that.
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we did not accept the terrorism we did not accept the fascism we did not accept what do you expect from the losers of course they're trying to justify their trying to form. to. support those united states for help. and we will never ever let anyone interfere in our country if they accept. americans except people will go and shoot soldiers into the pentagon we will accept there was a number of others to shoot our soldiers in military establishments upsetting images of the violence in egypt and posted on twitter we can see that some of those injured the children there also claims that a thirteen year old boy was killed in alexandria there also pictures showing civilians allegedly firing live rounds at pro more cease protesters. we've got a whole timeline there of the turmoil in egypt that's been happening since
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president morsy was deposed we've gathered some of the most dramatic pictures and accounts for you it's all there but if you just see. choosier could be on its way towards plunging into chaos coming up after violence erupted when tens of thousands gathered for the funeral of assassinated opposition leader we've more on the developments on that in a few minutes. but next the u.n. inquiry into the use of chemical weapons in syria has got off the ground as investigators and damascus officials finally reached an agreement that probe was stalled as the u.n. demanded full access to syrian facilities which the authorities are denied and another breakthrough has been reached in new york to a key rebel groups agreed to take part in a peace conference aimed at trying to resolve that syria war in syria after meeting with security council members result he's made a point ny explains next there are conditions attached. and what those preconditions are it's hard to detect it seems as though they want to make sure
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that syrian president bashar al assad has no authority following the key to meeting and another precondition possibly once a transitional government is established that that transitional government would have full authority over the security in the military in syria there's a lot of back and forth with the wording with the russian ambassador to the u.n. really underscored here is that all this talk of prevent the geneva two meeting from actually moving forward and taking place they were mentioning among other things that they needed more weapons etc etc so some other remarks that we're making sure we're leading in the direction of further further conflict for the conflict which. with no obvious end in sight there's no secret that the syrian opposition would like to receive the weapons in arms and military aid that the obama administration recently promised to provide to the rebels fighting against
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syrian president bashar al assad it is clearly assumed that the delegation representing the syrian opposition is here in new york discussed that issue with u.s. secretary of state john kerry now before they began their bilateral meeting on thursday secretary kerry said that there could be no military solution to the syrian crisis only a political solution but if that is the case many ask why would washington shipping more weapons and arms to a country that is in the midst of a civil war that is now reaching two and a half years so we have this meeting taking place and a lot of talk but it seems as though the positions still remain and there has been no date yet set for this geneva two meeting that is co organized co-sponsored by russia and the u.s. and to accompany you she told us that western but to attempt to topple the assad regime only stubble holding in syria rendering peace efforts useless. states and the united kingdom france other western nations have really made clear that they
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will only accept the fall of the side and despite the fact that they continually try to say that they're for peace negotiations it seems at every turn whether it's sending arms to the rebels whether it's sending them quote unquote non-lethal aid money in general supporting the gulf countries that are also supporting them that really all of the talk about peace is disingenuous and unlike russia and other countries they seem very. determined to push forward the syrian rebels as the new leadership of the country regardless of the situation on the ground when the russian the united states where originally trying to promote the geneva two conference we saw that the syrian rebels essentially said that they had no intention of negotiating until the situation on the ground changed that is until they gained the military upper hand so from their perspective they seem only willing to negotiate if the military situation allows them to have the upper hand in negotiations but if they seem to be losing the war if it seems that support for them inside of the country is dropping all of a sudden they have no desire to negotiate and they only want to continue to push
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war which is the subtext of this entire meeting where on the sidelines they have been pushing for more and more military aid from the united states and for it to come significantly quicker soon all this channel the u.s. is going all out to stop the ongoing hunger strike one ton of that so some experts describe the pentagon's decision to transfer the two inmates back home although the government says it's just part of the camp's closure process anyway and talk about that very soon at america's largest site the fraud case that washington on the run for five years now five a charge with swiping hundreds of millions of dollars from people's credit card. and you trying to transmission makes for a smoother ride bush and scientists claims of could see it's crystals. one of the take comes to. day.
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to day. these are the images. from the streets of canada.
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privacy rights activists have demonstrated across germany against us worldwide surveillance a role in it the revelations by edward snowden of ignited public anger among germans who say their government let them down. demonstrators are gathering in over forty cities around germany to show their support for both edward snowden and bradley manning the largest of those demonstrations is taking place in the financial german financial capital of frank first but as here in berlin as well as many other cities around the country marches are taking place to show their support for the the two whistleblowers and to show their anger at the way that not only the united states government has been spying into their private lives they're in mails their phone calls their social networking sites and allies but the way in which the german government appears to have been well not just complicit but an active partner in taking part in spying it's turned out that germany being one of the the
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most watched countries by the n.s.a. prism operation over five hundred million data connections were intercepted from germany every month and that's according to some of the. leaked memos that were put forward by edward snowden now those people who have come out here in berlin told me exactly why they want to show their support for edward snowden and other whistleblowers and why they're angry at the german government. i'm very unhappy we have a constitution and laws in this country the german government isn't interested in our holding their own constitution the way germany is led by the us and spying makes me want to puke. on my country with this process my private life is important to me is something sacred that should be protected and . it's only through what snowden and manning are going through they're being
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treated as criminals for exposing the real crimes of the military and security services. it's not really just that the german government refuses to do anything to protect its own people's privacy. while holding banners saying yes we stand a parody of the bombers election speech for his first term of yes we can they're angry at what they see as being let down by not only their own government but the infringements by the united states is government into their privacy they want to be left alone they say and they're saying as well today that they're all edward snowden's they're all bradley manning's and that's why they're standing together across germany. he was thought to be america's largest fraud scheme in years five people have been charged with stealing more than three hundred million dollars by siphoning people's credit cards but now face trial and could spend decades in jail if convicted are three hundred blake's got the story. we had five guys four
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russian nationals and one ukrainian man who over the course of around seven years were able to penetrate a number of the networks of leading financial institutions banks all sorts of systems where very important information was being stored over the course for several years those men broke into the databases allegedly took sensitive information and in the end u.s. prosecutors now say that those five men were able to compromise roughly one hundred sixty million credit cards causing upwards of three hundred million dollars of damage they were able to elude authorities for around seven or eight years now but actually masterminding this operation itself took a lot of very careful planning now all of the five men that are believed involved in this each one kind of had a separate little niche that they would specialize in for instance were experts when it came to penetrating computer networks others would go into these networks after they were compromised in mind for even more would build up very very sophisticated internet networks to be able to communicate anonymously so by having
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different specialists in different sectors they were all able to put the pieces together and cause millions of dollars hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage and affect people around the globe two of them were arrested one of them has since been extradited from the netherlands the other one is awaiting extradition and three of them are at large so once they are brought to the u.s. and tried to see could be looking at likely decades in prison. that was unsealed thursday this week it all stems from a previous investigation that began a few years ago and did with the conviction of an american computer hacker who is currently serving several decades behind prison for a similar crime. police are reportedly resting protesters outside the parliament building in choosing his capital after dispersing with tear gas earlier on saturday tens of thousands of people flooded the streets of tunis for the funeral of mohammed he was a key secular opposition figure was assassinated right inside his home on thursday political analyst. from tunis university told us the government often flirts with
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terrorists instead of keeping up way. belong to a certain group you know in. sharia and sarah sure you know but you know we know that this group of course is is a terrorist group but i don't think the government is doing anything basically to. stop that and i would say at one point even they flirted with this government until it is run by these that was part of the islamists go it's not you're listening to the people it's not listening in to the opposition or the opposition parties i think the rift is why do they. look and if you like this. and you know it's you know the pulse of the street and i think. you know the situation that we have today which is really exclusive to. take a few minutes now to focus on brazil hundreds of outraged protesters have been wreaking havoc in brazil's major cities ransacking banks and setting fire to cars
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to come to the witnessing chaos in the streets for almost two months now as people been expressing their anger over the cost of the twenty fourteen football world cup as told a local genocide covello easy for us either only thanks to time how big have these latest protest been. well i know you're going to continue brazil though with far fewer people did was the first one was in june when more than one million people took to st so brazuca prepares us for verification better public transportation and better health care quality is well against the expenditure of twenty eight billion dollars for the poles the world soaker the soccer world cup as you all know that will still be deceiving brazil he's moving tomorrow in during this period there were three in france maximum of five people in each of the most he says form is sacked for last night growth there took place here at the scene of some quality there was why violence the organizers of these new
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programs are taking advantage of the international greats like this one will be patient with the world is focused on brazil will be more story their dissatisfaction with the ball state and federal. governments and i have been very. kind since the beginning and i could notice that he never event there were any small group of family through trait that they have ended up taking away some of the credibility of the vast majority that once their voice will be heard by the old . so what can the government it's what can the government do about it rania you've highlighted the roots of the public discontent and it's all focusing on the cost of the world cup twenty fourteen but what can the government do is there an easy fix. and we may have lost the line that has. brought it one last go out of here still
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there on the line and kevin again you live on r t you can hear me. we've lost a lot ok we're trying to a little bit later she went to say look at the latest when tom obey the pentagon says it will repair treat to guantanamo inmates back to algeria claiming it's the first step toward closing the infamous facility prisoners at the camp sparked international condemnation of the obama administration by starting the continuing hunger strike back in february against their abuse an indefinite detention social studies scholar dr alan singer says the transfers just go throwing a bone to the inmates to make them stop protesting in many ways it's an act of desperation the hunger strike has embarrassed the united states all over the world so they're trying to break down destroy by pushing out a couple that people but these are people that are being detained without any legal justification one of the things i find so curious is they're trying to get algeria to take to the people algeria is not well noted for the due process of its courts
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countries with stablish legal proceedings do not want to touch this just saying you know states are saying dog i love you make this mess you're stuck with it i am an expert on the other jury in prison system but liar go to jail i think i'd much rather go to sweden or denmark traditions in general in algeria very very harsh i mean i think they're looking to send people to a. are in this fate i don't see this is any kind of due process of any kind of outcome i just think they're trying to get out of something they created. if you were to get speed to more on guantanamo don't forget all the twists and turns on our website. change pace of the break we get to grips with the latest gadgets next in this month's technology update of the thing.
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i've talked with many times about the absurd things going on all around us like kids being thrown out of school because they had a gun that shoots bubbles or various people getting punished for their tweets and facebook posts it's all really abstract it's hard to truly get angry over until you see the results or playing a stupid video game just carter sarcastically said to someone who called him crazy oh yeah i'm real messed up in the head i'm going to go shoot a bunch of kids at school l.o.l. j k. and for this bit of sarcasm he spent quite some time awaiting trial in a texas prison not only that according to his father he was being attacked brutally on many occasions leading to both to pull concussions and black eyes and in the end he had to be thrown into solitary confinement for his own good you see this is the ugly reality of those who fought the bad side of political correctness you know i
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don't talk about these stories just for fun the main thing i'd like to say is that it wasn't for some anonymous coward in canada turning him into the authorities for doing absolutely nothing this young man would not have to live with the memory and possible injuries from numerous assaults to the anonymous canadian who turned him in i sarcastically wish you a horrible fate but you probably get me arrested for it so just say that it's people like you who allow tyranny to exist but that's just my opinion. hello and welcome to technology update my name's peter and i'll be presenting the show into those episodes we learn about blunders changing career. participants or
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the former football match between robots and humans. crystals in the lab. at its own game. and russia tracks on the big boys. first around the for this tech news. bites that is also observation was put into operation on the twenty fifth of june the commercial satellite and be used for creating an operating maps monitoring pollution levels searching for mineral deposits and assisting the bullshit emergency services camera is capable of taking. images with a resolution of up to one meter over an area of eighty thousand square kilometers per day the first shots of l.a. in kansas were received on the second of july the second international conference on quantum technologies was held in moscow this month the event stretched over one hundred scientists including a new.


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